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Custom Headstamps

Using our Proprietary technology, we can provide "Custom" Headstamps for a nearly endless variety of calibers.

Unlike the major factories, we are able to do this for very low minimums orders, usually about 600-1000pcs depending on the caliber.  Some calibers may require a higher minimum if the parent case is one we don't currently stock.

One thing to keep in mind about headstamps, and particularly about our process is the fact that there is a limit to the number of characters that can be included in the cartridge name.  For example on a .30-06 case-head we like to limit it to no more than about 9 characters in the name.  As an example the "6.5-257 RBTS" (11 characters) comes out looking good, however the "8mm-06" (6 characters) looks a lot better.  Of course smaller case-heads will look better with fewer characters, and some larger cases can have a few more.


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