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Frequently Asked Questions

1. The caliber I want is not listed on your website, is this caliber available?

      a. All of our production cases are listed in our catalog.

      b. Click on the link   Download our printed Catalog Here   above to download a copy.

      c. If you don't see the caliber you are interested in listed, please give us a call to ask.

2. Can I get cases with a custom headstamp?

      a. Yes

3. What does it cost for custom head-stamped cases?

      a. The cost depends on a number of things

            i. Is the cartridge a common wildcat or obsolete design?

            ii. Is the cartridge your own design?

            iii. Will you want the cases to be proprietary (sold only to you)?

4. Are there any minimums for custom head-stamped cases?

      a. We make every attempt to keep the minimums as low as possible

      b. Usually minimums run from 600pcs to several thousand depending on the cartridge design.

      c. The things that can affect the minimum are the same as those affecting the cost (see above)

      d. In addition, the “parent” case will affect the minimums. If we already purchase materials to make the “parent”, then the minimums will be on the lower end. If we have to purchase material special for your design, the minimums can easily be in the tens of thousands.

5. What are some of the “parent” cartridges you purchase materials for?

      a. A few of the “parent” cases we purchase and usually stock material for are:

            i. .30-06 / .308

            ii. .30-30

            iii. .223

            iv. Belted Mag (H&H)

            v. Weatherby Mag (.378 / .460)

            vi. .45-70 / .45-90 / etc.

            vii. Remington Ultra Mag

            viii. .404 Jeffery

            ix. .500 Jeffery

            x. .416 Rigby

            xi. .357 Mag

      b. This is a partial list. We do stock many others, so please ask or send us a print of your cartridge and we can let you know.

6. Are there tooling or engineering charges for custom head-stamps?

      a. We try to keep tooling and/or engineering charges to a minimum.

      b. Whether there will be any tooling or engineering charges depend mainly on:

            i. Is the case a proprietary design (sold only to you).

            ii. Can we sell the cases industry wide (sell to any one).

                  1. It is at the discretion of Quality Cartridge to determine whether or not there is a sufficiently large market.

      c. If you desire more than one unique headstamp per caliber, there will be a separate engineering charge for each different headstamp.

7. If I purchase custom headstamped cases, do I own the tooling?

      a. No, the Engineering & Setup charge is for the design of the headstamp only and does not constitute any ownership of the physical tooling.

      b. All tooling is the exclusive property of, and to be maintained by, Quality Cartridge

      c. Engineering & Setup charge is a one-time expense for that caliber/headstamp.

      d. Quality Cartridge will maintain the tooling and cover any costs associated with normal maintenance or repair of the tooling.

8. Once I purchase headstamp tooling, what happens to the tooling if I discontinue the caliber/headstamp?

      a. When you determine you won’t need any more of this caliber and no longer wish to order any, please notify Quality Cartridge in writing.

      b. At this point, we will remove the tooling from inventory and grind the headstamp off so it can’t be used again.

9. I recently purchased some of your cases and previous purchases were in boxes, now they are in bags. Why?

      a. In an effort to provide the highest quality product, we determined that the heat-sealed bags, with a desiccant pack keep the cases from tarnishing for a longer time.

      b. This ensures the cases look as good after sitting on a dealers shelf for months as they look the day they are packaged by us.

10. I prefer to have the cases packed in boxes. Can I get the cases packed in boxes instead of the bags?

      a. While this is not a normal thing for us, we are willing to do this, however the following conditions must be met:

            i. Minimum to re-pack cases is 20 packs (boxes) per caliber.

            ii. Additional cost PER BOX as follows:

                  1. $6.00 PER BOX for cardboard/Styrofoam box (up to .338 Win Mag)

                  2. $10.00 PER BOX for plastic Frankfort Arsenal box (up to Ultra Mag / .404 Jeffery)

                  3. $15.00 PER BOX for plastic J&J box (.416 Rigby and up)

            iii. Additional lead time of 4 weeks will be needed to get boxes.

      b. Why is the additional cost for the boxes so high?

            i. Since we don’t stock any boxes, they must be special-ordered.

            ii. All brass is already packaged, so it must be un-packed and re-packed in the boxes.

11. I noticed that the anneal marks are no longer present on your cases, why?

      a. Following our process of continual improvement we determined, after reviewing feedback from many customers, that a cleaner-looking case has a better appearance and has a look of quality.

12. What is the typical lead-time for custom head-stamped cases?

      a. This depends on a number of factors, however in general it usually runs about 30+ weeks.

      b. This allows us to procure any of the necessary tooling, schedule raw materials, and get your order into the production schedule.

13. Do you offer loaded ammunition?

      a. No, we no longer offer loaded ammunition in any caliber.

14. I don’t reload, so what are my options?

      a. Give us a call, we can recommend a couple custom-loaders that may be able to help you out.

15. Since you no longer supply loaded ammunition, can you share some of your load data?

      a. No, for a couple of reasons

      b. Due to liability we won’t share any load data we have developed.

      c. Much of the data we have developed ourselves is proprietary. IF we choose to offer a load book in the future it will be contained there.

      d. The only info we can share at the current time is a potential source for some published data. ie: we could advise what manual you might find the data in.

16. Can I save money by making a bulk purchase?

      a. Yes, however it will be manufactured, packaged, and delivered on the next run for that caliber.

      b. Bulk means just that. Cases will be bulk-packed in the quantity purchased, not in the usual 20 / 50 pcs quantities.

      c. Minimum for bulk purchase is 1000pcs of the same caliber.

      d. All bulk orders will be quoted as a special run.